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Linsan Die Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware Set – 6pc


Substrate: cast aluminium
Exterior treatment: high heat resistant paint
Interior treatment: whitford xylan
Heavy duty, professional quality pressure cast aluminum
Thick-thin-thick construction
Retain heat
Fuel efficient
Clear glass lid-break-resistant and allow food monitoring

Precise die cast aluminium non-stick cookware is made of EN601 Standard aluminium and with advanced die cast technology under traditional cast idea.

This die cast aluminium cookware is light and easy to use unlike the old iron cookware which is heavy and likely to corrode .This cookware transmit heat distribution very fast thereby enabling it to fry ,cook and roast foods with little or no oil which is healthy for everyday use.

It has non stick granite interior which prevent food sticking to the cookware and facilitating easy clean up without scrubbing.

it is made with whitford outer and high temperature resistant coating and durable strong glass lid and comes in three large sizes of

32cm Casserole or stock cookware

36cm Casserole or stock cookware

40cm Casserole or stock cookware

These large sizes of cookware will be ideal for large families,parties and other social events cooking.


Weight 5 kg


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