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Linsan Stand Cake Mixer With Bowl – 7L -1000w – Silver


Analog Setting
Different mixing attachment
Flexible beater blade
Meat grinding attachment
Stainless steel whisk

Colour Silver
Colour Silver
Brand Linsan
This powerful machine has a 1,000 watt and a large 7-litre capacity mixing bowl, plus a meat grinder. High-quality metal gear and 304 quality stainless steel bowl, attachments and a Splash Guard. Easy to operate and produce mince meat fast. It has a safety lock and overheats protection for durability.

The machine boasts 6 different speed settings. The Analog settings are pre-set so all you have to do is place the mixture in the large mixing bowl and choose the desired setting and then let the mixer do all the work.

The speed setting is Soft Yeast – Used for soft loaves Stiff Yeast – Used for firmer loaves of bread Fruit Cake – can be used for any cake mixtures Shortcrust – excellent for pastry Meat Grinder.

It has five different mixing attachments · Dough Blade · Flexible Beater Blade · Stainless Steel Whisk · Beater Blade and meat grinding attachment.

Weight 7 kg


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