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Versatility: A sharp kitchen knife sets with block provides a variety of knife types and sizes, allowing you to handle different cutting tasks efficiently.
Kitchen knives sets with block: Each knife of this kitchen knives sets is designed for specific purposes, enabling precise and accurate cutting, slicing, and dicing like chef knife set. These essentials knifes can be used for vegetables, fruits, onions, butter, bread, steak, cheese and are dishwasher safe.

Make even the toughest beef feel like cutting butter.

Sturdy design and comfortable in the hand, these knifes are a great addition to any kitchen.

The block has a heavy flat base for placing on any bench top allowing you to pull the knifes out without taking the whole block with you.

The blades are made from stainless steel and have a high quality satin finish. Double edged for a super sharp cutting edge.


• 6x Steak knives
• 1x Paring knife
• 1x All purpose knife
• 1x Cooks knife
• 1xBread knife
• 1x Scissor
• High Quality Satin Finished Stainless Steel Blades
• Twin Cutting Edge to Each Blade
• Comfortable Ergonomically Shaped Handles
• Contained in a wooden Block
• Box dimensions: H 340mm x W 165mm x D 100mm

Weight 2 kg


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